Passing Love

The Novel 

Nicole-Marie Handy has loved all things French since she was a child. After the death of her best friend, determined to get out of her rut, she goes to Paris, leaving behind a marriage proposal. While there, Nicole chances upon an old photo of her father-lovingly inscribed, in his hand, to a woman Nicole has never heard of.

What starts as a vacation quickly becomes an investigation into his relationship to this mystery woman. Moving back and forth in time between the sparkling Paris of today and the jazz-fueled city filled with expatriates in the 1950s, Passing Love is the story of two women dealing with lost love, secrets, and betrayal…and how the City of Light may hold all of the answers.

The Screenplay

It’s 2012. Nicole Marie Handy owns a sophisticated hot spot in Uptown Oakland. An only child, she lovingly cares for her aged parents. Life is good, or so she thinks until she discovers a secret her parents have kept for her entire life. Their shocking revelation takes Nicole to Paris.

With the help of Laurent Besson, a charming ex-pat, Nicole embarks on an unexpected adventure in the City of Lights and discovers a connection to Black expats in post World War 2. Secrets and the possibility of a love connection force Nicole to question how she can move forward with the truths she uncovers.