Praise for Passing Love…

…beautifully written and filled with vibrant scenes of Paris in its Jazz Age and today. Passing Love is a treat.” — People Magazine 

“C’est magnifique! A delicious read, brimming with hope, love, and light.” —Tayari Jones, author of An American Marriage

“Lush, evocative and seductive. Only read Passing Love if you’re willing to give yourself over completely to the excitement of the jazz scene of post-WWII Paris, and a woman’s determination to find her place in the present-day City of Light.” — Lalita Tademy, author of Cane River and Citizens Creek

“Passing Love is everything a novel should be: a story as complex, multilayered and rich as a French pastry and just as deceptively simple…until you take a bite. Settle back, get comfy, and enjoy the journey Nicole, Malvina and Ruby (and atheir men) take you on through Post WWII and contemporary Paris.”— Virginia DeBerry & Donna Grant, authors of Uptown and Tryin’ to Sleep in the Bed You Made

Praise for Searching for Tina Turner. . . .

“[A] fresh take on a familiar fiction premise.”— Essence Magazine

“Lena pushes herself to discover the peace of mind for which so many often hunger . . . fans of Terry McMillan’s insightful dissections of love and life will appreciate debut novelist Luckett.” — Library Journal

“In her debut novel Luckett delivers a strong, likable heroine who comes through her crisis by recognizing her true worth and empowering herself. Luckett’s triumphant tale will rally readers of all backgrounds.” — Booklist

“Luckett sculpts lovable, complex, and beautiful characters. She creates clear, evocative scenes, transporting the reader to Lena’s world . . . transcends age differences and makes this novel easily accessible to any generation. So grab a copy, walk alongside Lena Spencer in her fear and renewal, and together, you and Lena can go Searching for Tina Turner.” — NewWorldReview.com