It’s the Simple Things

I wrote a Trip Advisor review today for Richard Nahem (Eye Prefer Paris), a man who turned his passion into his business. He lives and gives tours in Paris. I don’t know why I love that wonderful city so much, but I’m grateful that I can visit every once in a while.

My gig, writing, is my passion and I’m so grateful for it. Have I told you how much I love every single step from creation to the pains and revelations of revision, to seeing my book in stores (and my readers, too!)? I’m even more grateful to be able to blend my love for Paris and my love for writing into my work as well. My next novel, PASSING LOVE (releases January 2012), explores a woman’s admiration for Paris, and the surprises and secrets that city holds for her.

I believe with all we have to do and all that we’re bombarded with (the responsibilities for home, family, work, and the ever-invasive (and addictive) Internet and TV) we sometimes forget the little things that fulfill our passions. So today, I declared that my passion is the present, the here and now. I focused on the joys each moment this day has held: phoning rather than emailing a friend and laughing together (LOL just doesn’t make up for the sound of a good giggle), finding a great recipe for buttery scones and, yes, planning to bake them soon, finally understanding the directions to a new writing software program and starting to put down my thoughts for novel number three; my mother’s voice, strong and steady, on the other end of my phone, her wish that I have a good day and the “I love you,” at the end of our conversation.

Simple stuff but, taking a closer look, aren’t most of the things we’re passionate about just that? Simple. If you could break your passion down into one simple thing today, do you know what it would be?